About Us

BentFork Farms is a small boarding facility location in McDonough, Georgia. We welcome all disciplines and breeds.

Our small operation is run in a very casual, laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy your horse without a barn full of drama. We offer a barn where any riding discipline is welcome and mutual respect among fellow horsemen is both expected and appreciated. We are no frills and thrills, providing basic board with daily stall cleaning, riding arena, wash rack and basic vet/farrier scheduling. Although most of our current boarders are adults seeking quality services and time to spend with their horses, children are welcome as well.

We do not offer lessons or schooling horses but do allow boarders to work with their personal trainers on the premises. Care is provided for each horse to keep them healthy, happy and safe. We offer blanketing as needed in colder weather but encourage a more natural winter coat. We do not offer “show board” at this time due to limited staff and resources.

Our pastures are communal, divided only between mares and geldings. We do have some smaller turnout paddocks for limited separate turnout time due to illness, injury or temporary need. Our facilities are not suitable for accepting stallions. For more information on boarding policies, please see boarding agreement. Bentfork Farms will remain a small, family oriented facility where the simple things in life are cherished. No fuss, no fight, no drugs or illegal substances. If you’re looking for a place to call home for you special equine friend we encourage you to stop by and see us some time.